Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Day

The Dolorean at Time Square off Broadway 2 years ago. New Radio show tomorrow and Live on MNN on Saturday at 5pm.
2 cute videos featuring both Micheal J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The big surprise is that The Cubs almost came close with the World Series Predictions but as of tis writing it's pretty much a wipeout.
And I am not being mean as a New Yawker, lol. Let's Go Mets! lol.
Yes, the force is that strong with Imax ticket sales. This all points to a top 5 of all time.
These budgets are crazy! Didn't they learn from Amazing Spiderman 2? Throwing shit money after shit money? I wouldn't be surprise if this bankrupts the studio. And after the pre-sales for Star Wars. It's never going to catch up with that.
Nevermind the opening weekend. This movie will have legs and last a few weeks till SW Force Awakens. The only competition is Hungers Games and that franchise is so over.
Finally we get the facts, over 250 shots to compose Walker for the movie, something that the BR/DVD strangely skipped over. There were only 2 small mentions on the discs and even Director Wan lightly passed over it as an after thought. This should have been a special featurette for the discs.
This all sounds dumb. But check out the end of the article. Female Ghostbusters will have a change at the ending with Bill Murray having a dream as Kristen Wig. Jeez, what a suck ass ending.
I said a few weeks back that the idea was going to fly with the audience and the ratings have prove it.
They should just have made it a variety show instead of having a "high concept" idea.
After all these years with different hosts does it matter who hosts. Last year was a disaster with the nominations, like the ones who didn't get nominated aka the Lego Movie.

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