Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Saturday Update:
And the Martian wins again! Well at least goosebumps wasn't a total wipeout Like Vin's movie.

Friday Update:
Total wipe out like The Cubs, sorry baseball fans, couldn't resist. Vin needs F8 for sure but I've been saying this for months. And he help produced this! Lucky for Damon and his damn Martian, lol.
Review of the Kimmel segment.Lots of fun plus a cameo at the end. For the clip see the bonus section below links.
Includes Video. While The Cubs got their asses kicked and not being World Series winners (that's gotta hurt big time) at least one prediction are those Nikes. Even tho just few are for charity, just the idea that it came true not like those half ass hoverboards. And what happened to those flying cars. Instead we get drones, yes they were mentioned walking dogs but in reality they are getting in the way of airlines, etc.
A bit long, disappointing ending, bitch bitch bitch. This is going to be in the top 10 of all time so who cares? But for the most part it's a winner. No spoilers here by the way.
Talk about the part fits! Not much of an acting stretch here besides being a mad scientist. Good for Laverne. She's going to do a great job on this. There's a new BBC live production now playing on cable. Pretty good job with the monologue updated with mention of aliens and Ufo's by Dr. Scott.
The mian reason for posting this is, not only the 40th anniversary, but that stupid studio mentally goes back all the way back to the 1970's. Killing a movie before it gets to open big in major cities. Wow, talk about dumb. A movie that cost only $1 Million to make and winds up grossing over $100 Million through the years with midnight showings.
So now Australia is the hot spot to make movies. Guess whatever it takes to bring those budgets down.

Bonus Section:
 Back to the Future on Kimmel:

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