Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing.GZ vs KK and a phone call from the casting agency. Please see way below for explanation about the show.

Saturday Update:
Umm, shouldn't that skull be a little it bigger to match Godzilla's size. At least we know he is not the only one of he's species. But is he the last of his kind something Peter Jackson's hinted  in his version.

Friday Update:
And here is big stupid article Just to make news. Again with the size but it creates the buzz like "how they going to figure that out?!" DUH.. They include Stay Puft and Cloverfield for comparisions. Really?
Final confirmation with Thor and Hulk for the next Thor 3 movie. Well that takes care of that, lol.

With a different story (ignoring the classic 1930's plot) they can match him up in size to Godzilla. And if the stuck with the original story King Kong would look like a tiny little monkey compare to the skyscapers of today. So it all makes sense now about their sizes.
Guess they didn't read the above article. Good article hear on what was said already but they still question about the height. Did anyone remember that King Kong DIED in the original and then its back on the island getting wasted on that Berry Juice? No explanation there. So a new Kong chilling out on the island and Hiddleston and crew discover him for the first time and release "Wow, this gorilla is HUGE! ..and there's your match up. No big deal.
New York, Baby! Talk about street credit, racing in NYC which is crazy as it can get. And with Gray as credit this will bring everything together with The Compton movie (street Cred) and Italian Job (cars for escape heist) this will come full circle for the franchise.
Some pics of the new Trek in Dubai, out of all places.
How does Captain Kirk do it? He's constantly busy and working. Teh last film I saw with him was
As a musician and rockhead, it's good to finally see some of my favoties who have ignored for such a long time like Yes, Chicago, Deep Purple. These 3 bands always been ignored by Rolling Stone magazine, the guys behind these awards, and now they're recognized. It's about time. This award is basically a ego thing among this crowd anyways. Pretty soon there won't be anyone to be inducted. Like who? Bieber, Miley, Nicki? How wonder the music industry is shot to hell.

Funny with a lot of points to be made on what's wrong with the film, well alot. At the end it rates Porn Parody.

About the show: 10 minutes into the show I got call from the Casting agency about work for tomorrow, which is what is screwing up my schedule.. So there is some dead air in between but still there as there is no edits whatsover.'s a behind the scenes on the very subject I was talking about on the show. A big coincidence for sure. I couldn't postpone the show as the cutoff deadline was approaching so the show had to go on. And if I didn't get that call I would have missed both shows. And that's why I sound like a nervous wreck. Even after all these years doing this damn think, lol. Thanks for listening everyone.
PS next shows I will do that background actor thing, Godzilla special. James Specials and that Big Star Wars/Trek special I promised.

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