Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Live on MNN cancelled for today due to workload. New show on Blog Talk Radio next week.
See third link for Infinity War to cost $1 Billion. Yikes!
Big Screening at Madison Square Garden on Friday night was a huge success. Article has some minor spoilers but the premiere episode sure has some zingers in storytelling. Looking forward to it.

Friday Updates:
Three other versions of the end credits which are different from the one on the BR/DVD.
This link includes snippets and screen shots of all 4 videos of the end credits. I would have picked the Crackle edition as far as design goes.
Cool looking trailer from comic con. Now fans are finaly getting into this. Where were they at the first season? Anyways it looks good for the 2nd season.

This is crazy, for a comic book movie? Just for a two parter while The Hobbit, a trilogy cost $745M. And why did Pirates: Stranger Tides cost $378M. I don't even remember what this movie was about.
And you know RDJ can retire after this big Kaching.
Wow that's alot on a slate. Will people get tired of seeing these by the time Infinity War comes out. And do we need another Ant-Man movie?
The one picture they shouldhave concentrted on and waited till all these other superhero movies ccome out. All because franchises like Cars is so money driven with merchandise. And I agree with one of the comments that Cars 1 is the worse Pixar of the bunch. Actaully that ties with
Even the figure of Han Solo looks old. Now that's funny. And finally we're are going to get that final trailer. It would be nice to see Leia and Luke in action or doing something. Just a great big tease till the movie comes out.
Maybe Jackman should rethink about leaving Wolverine all together or take up that 007 Bond offer which is still on the table. Too old? Ford did with Indy Jones Crystal Skull and Moore was 57 on the last Bond movie. Again a movie nobody was asking for and a franchise on top of that. See The Martian instead. Finally caught up with that. 4 out of 5. Funnier than I thought just a little long near the end but Damon was great, especially with the disco jokes.
Why? It was done rightthe first time around. And since this was a period piece there's not much they can add to this. It got released on Blu-ray and all you need to know from the book is in the film.
If you listen to the commentary on his Bram Stoker's Dracula Br release, he was getting fed up with the system all theway back then. Same thing with Steven Sodenberg who has gone to table and walked away from the studio system. Trivia: In Hotel Transylvania 2, the party scene the son has the wig on from Gary Oldmans take on Stoker's Dracula.
Spoiler if  you haven't seen the episode yet. But tthe point is having an idea written but not used for a scene then bring it back again for a future scene as mentioned here about the dinner table. An old trick Speilberg uses quite a bit. As in Indiana Jones Temple Doom scene where they use the life raft goin down theriver after Jumping out of the plane. That ws suppose to be tagged at the end of the first movie when Indy jumps into the plane afeter being chased by the big rolling rock. Again that trick was used in the Jurassic Park trilogy. More on the radio show.

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