Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Going to try to do that Radio show this week depending on work schedule. Lots of Marvel links and videos on today's blog.
First, who's idea was with the title. Bad omen to begin with. How wonder the movie got panned. Ha Ha, see what I mean? And nobody was asking for this, did they see the ratings for NBC tv musical. Oops, the movie was made before that musical, well another bad omen. Good for The Martian!
So Planet Hulk might be incorporated in the script. Now that makes sense. And Thor 2 was good but weak. And having Hulk part of this would be a blasts. Looking forward to that Hulk and Loki confrontation again. Puny God!.
Recap from the season premiere at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Scroll down halway to see "Daryl" ride his bike onto the stage. Very short but better than nothing. Very cool.
Another video of Dude getting setup with his costume then walking around the con. Another cool video with stats on how he put that together.
This doesn't make sense. How could he make more money with Dr. Horrible than the first Avengers movie? Who is his acccountant? Or was Marvel that cheap with his paycheck. Unreal.
One hour video interview Brian Grazer interviewing JJ. Lots of details, filmmaking 101.
They should do at least a season for the hardcore fans. Even the movie was not enough to fill  the gap but still glas a got a movie to begin with. But this really belongs back on tv/cable.
At least we are getting 2 more films unlike Pacific Rim where everything is hanging in the air. But it would be nice if Charlize has more of a presence instead of a cameo.
Again? What are the chances to get offered this part. Remember him in Batman Returns as Penguins father. Was more of a cameo so hopefully he's got long scenes this time. Cool gimmick tho..

Lucky that Hugh Jackman has a coffee business going in case that acting career doesn't PAN out. Ha Ha Ha, just couldn't resist. Actually he does own this by Greenwich St,. Tribeca, NYC.

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