Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Warcraft Doing Huge Overseas

6/8/16 blog will be extended through out the weekend. No Live on MNN this weekend. New radio show this coming week. Full Warcraft review.

Gamers rejoice! $145M in four days in China and crossing the $300M this weekend. Wow that's a lot of money in a short time. Finally gamers get their due with a sequel (not official but you know Hollywood) and a start of a brand new franchise. This is so cool.
Mini-review. 3 out of 5. While I knew this was a start up of introducing this world and it's characters and lot of exposition for the set up, it took a while for me to get into this as I wasn't familiar with the game itself. While it had great direction and SFX the first hour was a drag but the last half hour was fantastic. Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings. Now that ain't a bad thing is it?

$90 Million in 4 days alone in China. Topping F7 record! At this rate the film will break even here with the other countries making the money and after that we will get our sequel. With no blessing from the U.S.

Predictions for this in China is that it will land second or match Furious 7 for all time box office.
This will be the deal breaker for a sequel as the U.S. looks like a total bust. It won't matter and good for Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son).  If this film was a bust he be back doing straight to DVD or cheap Hallmark movies. Watch Disney call him for a Marvel or Star Wars movie, after doing the sequel to Warcraft that is. And "Moon" 2009 was one of my favorite movies for that year.
A follow up to the last blog about Sequelitis. Now the studio are worrying about audiences are getting tired of sequels. DUH! But as far as the Conjuring 2 being the box office winner, screw this film. Hated the first one (top 10 worst film list) but I loved Now You See Me 1 and looking forward to that along with Warcraft being the original. And hopefully it will break that video game to movie bomb curse that all these films get stuck with. Again great for Duncan Jones. He'll write his own ticket now.
While a cool video you can't help to think how desperate they are to make you want to see this film.
No matter what kind of marketing they have lined up for this, it comes down to word of mouth. And already the hardcore fans have written this off. Well those damn trailers didn't help. Not funny.
They should release it like they did with Richard Donner's Director's cut of Superman 2 with Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando. Of course Richard Lester took over and had Susanna York Supermans mom talk to him instead of Brando. Talking about F4 we filmed at Yankee's Stadium for "Leavy" True story about a military dog and her handler starring Kate Mara. I was 5 ft away from her at a given time, her dressed in full military uniform. Couldn't believe she was Sue Storm. She was so short, lol.

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