Monday, June 27, 2016

Dory Finds More Box Office Gold

New Live on MNN this Saturday. Hopefully a new radio show before July 4th weekend.
A little blue fish  kicks Big Alien Queen's ass at the box ofice. Now that's funny. Guess Roland might not get the chance to have his sequel to ID. July 4th and China will have the final answer to that. Butgoodfor Ellen who was pushing for this for the longest. Pixar went ahead with Cars 2 (original sucked) and Monster University (did we need a prequel to that?) and sat on this project for 10 years. So Ellen gets the last laugh on this. Success is the best revenge, lol. So how about a trilogy like Toy Story? Why not?
Wow already they're writing this off and it's not even July 4th weekend. Will China save this for another sequel. But this tanking here is really embarrassing.
Mini-review: 3 out of 5. More of a disappointment as this is really more of a rehash of the original than a film on its own merits. But still some great disaster scenes and gotta love that big alien queen.
Full review on a new radio show hopefully this week.
And we know who's behind this of course. After Dory's big win for Disney the Mouse is getting bigger than ever. And what Disney wants Disney gets. And after the big fail for X-Men which has not broken the $600M mark with a huge budget and advertising costs, it's not the big money maker Fox hope for. Even Singer moved on to other projects. And forget about FF. Less said the better.
Read the quoted paragraph from Matt Key: "We're years away from that ever possibly happening"
Years? Really. The mouse counts months, not years.
Well this is different. At the 2:30 mark Deadpool does his 5 points and then announces Japan release of Deadpool film. They waited this long to release this?
Are they trying to bury this film. What the hell is a Rhianna song doing here. Like the last Bond song this doesn't fit whats so over. "I got a funny feeling about this" oops wrong franchise.
Forget about the sequel to "Block". When a mega budget like ID can't score at the box office it looks like people are tired of the Alien invasion. Boyega already has Star Wars and Rim franchises. Lets try something new and original folks. They both have the talent to pull it off.

Coming tomorrow:
Today's blog was way too long so I will post Games of Thrones finally and why ID2 failed.

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