Monday, June 06, 2016

Ninja Turtles Sequelitis Blues?

New radio show now playing. Another one this week. Live on MNN will be posted below bonus 2.
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New word for the box office blues. In this article it states that Civil War has not been affected and did better than the last Captain America, at the rate it was going it should have broken the top 10 all time by now and still hasn't.
In this one it claims movies that wait for 20 years for a new generation to flock to a franchise aka Jurassic World. Tell that to China who rejected Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office. How do you explain that. Check out the two lists included: Sequels that outperformed the previous film and ones that didn't. Wouldn't want to be the studio on that second list.
Step in the right direction. While it is a show about Supergirlol, those teases in the first season didn't help matters mentioning she's a cousin and never showing Superman in in full. Well about time. And remember, Batman is getting his own movie again with Affleck, no mention of Anpther Superman solo movie, he's lucky he got Justice League.
This can really uplift the second film. Remember many did not know Elba before PR1 and now their pushing him for Bond. So getting a international recognized face will help boost this franchise. And no offense to Hellboy himself but mostly he's a character actor with a cult fanbase.
A Hamm playing a ham. Couldn't resist. Now this would be so funny seeing Hamm doing comedy with a straight face. And seeing a live action film based on this is even funnier. Bring it on.
No CG used here. Real cars through out the window. Kind of a waste of cool cars if you ask me. Check out the helicopter on the left hand of the video. Part of the action or filming it?

Never mind the remake which will probably that instead of a female mermaid it will be a man. Yeah big twist. . But...This has to do with Craig joining SHO and doing the 2 years/seasons instead of the $100M payoff for James Bond. As I mention the payoff was better !? I tried to explain as best as I could but here in the video at appx. 7:00 Producer Grazer breaks it down in better terms. But I was right, lol.
PS: Love the Hanks version. I actually met Hanks and Ron Howard  when they were filming this at Wall St, NY during the Taxi chase scene near the end. While taking a break from directing a scene I approached Ron Howard for a autograph and was very appreciated that I asked him. While Hanks was in the car at the time for the chase scene he was blocked the work crew but did say hello. Very cool from both of them. More on the radio show this week.

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