Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Game of Thrones Season Finale.

Live on MNN this Saturday at 5 pm. Details tomorrow.

I waited to post to give everyone a change to watch this in case you missed the premiere Sunday night. Great ending with the image of the 3 dragons flying over the ship fleet getting ready for the big war. And of course the exploding of the castle was a nice touch. That's how to get rid of some cast members all in one shot, lol. Well at least we know how the next season is going to start.

Thanks to Warcraft the studios are going back to some old titles and rebooting them. This one being the first of many coming down the pike including Minecraft. Can it be any better than the ones from the 1990's? And I barely remember those besides being bad B movies.

It wouldn't have mattered if Will Smith was in it or anybody else. Audiences just got tired of alien attack like movies. You can thank Sci-fi channel for starters with Sharknado and others.

Includes 5 clips of the different Enterprises getting blown up. Must of been a slow news day. Fun to watch tho. But you have to ask yourself, What again blowing up the ship? Ran out of ideas did we?
Actually the Enterprise had a Meh among fans and what better way

He shows up at the last 2 minutes in The Force, just to leave No. 8 and not even be in No.9. Great job if you can get it. Why even bother with a story line like that anyways. Then again The Force awakens was more of a Han Solo movie with all the other hcaracters spread out through the galaxy. Even R2D2 wakes up at the end. Yeah thanks for joining the movie, you garbage can.

Behind the "scenes make of" on the second to last episode of the epic battles.

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