Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finding Dory, Summer's Biggest Hit

Live on MNN  is now posted on our Youtube channel Sunday night. Or you can see it below as a bonus clip. New Radio show coming Monday.

Dory clears $140M. Not bad for a little blue fish.
Mini-review: 4 out of 5.  While not as tight as the first one, it has great characters and great humor is all there with Ellen D who does a terrific job voicing the fish. Her comic timing is perfect for this. Note: There is a short film that comes before this about a baby bird finding her way among the beach. Real cute. And spoiler alert: there is a post credit scene at the very end aka Marvel. Hint: Sequel.

Well that kind of settles that doesn't it? And wait till China gets a hold of this. Remember they had their own fish called "The Mermaid" making over $500M in that country alone. So now it's just a matter of time where in the Top 10 all time this is going to land.
Both Dory and Kevin Hart are both going to do great. People want to laugh especially after all the things that have happen these past 2 weeks, human nature. While Dory will have the big sweep, Hart's will also do great since this past month the box office has been dull for movie fans. Whatever the numbers are it will be a funny weekend.
5 minute plus video with interviews with the cast. There is a spoiler or two relating to the story. What's great is seeing Ed O''Neil and Ellen D doing the interview together even tho they never saw each other doing the making of the movie as most cases in doing animation.
Who? Don't matter. AT least they got the character on the show. Not a good sign for the movies tho. And if legend happens, who ever plays Superman on TV it doesn't help their careers down the line. It's more like a curse than anything else. Think about it. All those in the past, where are they now?
Big spoiler. Going the same route as Civil War, X-Men, BvsS and fighting something huge. But still looks cool and let's not forget Minions did the same thing last year..

Updated this afternoon:
A little detail. Clint Eastweed was going to direct with Beyonce to star but Jay Z made too many demands with the music. Bad idea since Clint is a musician himself and goes more for a Jazz angle and did not want to go with Jay Z hip hop rap angle.So what did Clint did. Give Cooper the Rights to direct and let Cooper pick his leading lady. And Gaga has proven herself with her acting. Man I love this story.

Bonus: Saturday's Show:
PS I saw Finding Dory after the show in 3D hence my review above and not on the show.

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