Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Warcraft Is Still Doing Strong.

New Radio coming plus Live on MNN this Saturday at 5 pm.
Still breaking records but no word yet on green lighting the sequel. So Hollywood is getting worried about this sequelitis thing. Especially when a film is huge overseas?
Lots of behind the scenes on marketing information here but when it comes down to it, you can promote the heck out of the film and if the fans down come out and see it, it will be a failure either way. Look at Civil War, great turnout and it still failed to crack the top 10 all time.
Now this would make a great duo, no pun intended to DC, lol. But having these two smart asses against each other would be fun as heck. Gotta keep the R rating or there's goes the fun.
What is the title to this one? Indy Jones and The Fountain of Youth? how many stuntmen are they  going to use to replace Ford? It's time to call it quits while your
Milking yet another franchise. I never got unto these except the time travel one (it figures). But again they bring up the merchandising. How about telling some good stories. Guest that doesn't count.
While I have no problem with the female angle to this, will the studio change their minds if Ghostbusters is a bust? And how about all those other rumours of reboots of other franchises with an all star female cast? Since studios don't have aclue what their doing anyways?

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