Wednesday, June 29, 2016

4th Of July Movie Showdown

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Final Update:
While Dory took the box office did as expected,  Tarzan  did better than expected what turns out was a date movie more than anything else. But BFG was a total wipeout. Whose idea was to name a kids film with initials? Duh?

Friday Update:
Alternate blog title: 4th of July Movie Wipeout, That's what I should of called this, lol.
Dory will clear $50M and everyone else is on their own. Poor ID2, it's mentioned all the way near the bottom of the article. The alien queen gets no respect, lol.

Go Dory go Dory...did you see Monday's box office? Dory got $10M and ID with only less than $4M. And ID is doing horrible overseas including China. At this rate they can forget the sequel.
Looks like Ellen Dory (lol my new nickname for her) is going to take July 4th weekend. In it's Third week no less.
While they were pushing Tarzan pretty good, there was hardly any push for BFG. I wouldn't be surprise if Purge 3 gets away with beating them both. I actually like the 2nd while the first was meh.
How many times are we going to get Tarzan with so many takes on the tell. That poor actor Alex can't get a break. He hit it big with True Blood and it's been down hill since.
Well that sucks. And only 13 more episodes to boot. Guess the budget most be really out there. Along with salaries and CGI SFX to go with it. But it's all worth it. But maybe George RR can extended a story line and give us a movie. Who would NOT see that?
Don't bother, the video got blocked by Sony Pictures. But still, ain't this usually saved for the home release as bonus features? Putting thi out even before the movie comes out. Guess the trailers didn't help. A little bit desperate ain't it?
Guess he didn't like it. But I guess the visuals are going to awesome for the Avatar sequels. But how about the story. Where are they going to take that?

Talk about ID2 tanking at the box office. Remember Earth vs. Flying Saucers by Ray Harryhausen from the 1950's? One of the first Aliens attacking Earth. Anyway this was release overseas a few years ago but finally gets a release this year in the U.S. I saw the import without the commentary and extras so Amazon here I come. But as a feature itself? Rating 5 out of 5.
More on the radio show coming soon (now I got something to talk about  besides that blue fish, lol.)

2nd Bonus:
People behind Games of Thrones, Prison Break, Godzilla 2014, Pacific Rim and many others. And with Netflix really putting all their resources making their shows a hit, this can't fail. Now how about the cast. I grew up with this so they better not fail like that stupid movie. What junk.

3rd Bonus:
Brent Spiner Interview if he would return to the new CBS series, if Data gets replaced which actor  he would like to see to play him, promoting Outcast and not ID2! Now that's funny.

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