Monday, June 13, 2016

Warcraft No. 1 in China

Coming this week: New radio show  and Live on MNN this Saturday.
Might be a slump over here but China is having a field day. This summer is a bust. Simple as that. Las year we had 5 top 10 all time box office movies. The leading one so far is Civil War and that has stalled at No. 12. The best of the crop are Finding Dory and Independence Day 2 and those are lucky to hit the top 20. And forget about Suicide Squad. China has a built in hatred for DC so that film is screwed.
While Conjuring did good over here in the U.S., internationally horror movies don't do good at all. So while Warcraft did poorly, Europe and other countries are going to give us a sequel.
Here's a couple of titles they can choose:,,,  etc. Does it matter, they ruined this trilogy as it is.
This video does make a point. How can there be mistakes in animation? My favorite is the moving poster in the background. Either way I'm looking forward to the sequel which will be huge considering every other movie has flopped big time. No competition with this one.

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