Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ID:Resurgence vs Finding Dory Showdown

 New test run now playing on Blog Talk Radio. Today's blog will be extended thru the weekend.

Wow, they don't even give ID a break over here. Saturday is not over and already they're burying the picture. Guess they really love that blue fish. But I said, it's next weekend that's going to count. Both Tarzan and BFG are predicting to bomb. So it's back to both ID and Dory for next weekend.

Friday Update:
While it looks like Dory is going to win the weekend., ID is not that far behind. The big 4th Of July will tell a better story for the final showdown. This weekend is just the start.

Thursday Update:
A recap of the aliens from the first film and how it relates to the sequel. Some cool tidbits in here including 42 images in the slide show.

While Dory might beat ID2 this weekend, it's July 4th weekend is what counts. Will Dory have repeats while word of mouth will carry ID2 thru the holiday weekend. Even then Emmerich is not wasting time on it's sequel......
Big spoiler in the article! Which leads to  the third sequel story. Sounds interesting and different from the usual aliens invading earth. But where else can you this?
You know there's trouble with the movie when Disney starts advertising this 6 months before it's release, right on 4th of July weekend. Is the House of Mouse nervous?
More details about JL movie. The best part is that it's going to be lighter tone than the dark, heavy tone of the previous movies.
Didn't see that coming. Them being a private investigators last season was kind of lame. Where else can they go from there. But if the new seaon is only 8 episodes which will come out to a 2 and half hours on video, why not come out with a movie then? Not that long of course ubt stick with a R rating and it would be hilarious.
While Archer gets renewed, Vinyl bites it. $100 million to produce  and $30m spent on the pilot alone. It didn't look it and the show got a lot of the trivia from the 70's wrong. Not even Olivia Wilde going naked and Scorsese producing could save the show. Now that's embarrassing.

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