Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Dory Breaks New Record

New radio show coming this week. Live on MNN now playing on our YouTube channel and on the last blog.
5 reasons why Dory was a big hit. For me it was a generation who weren't around for Nemo. Which is why Independence Day 2 will be a big hit and why Jurassic World was a big hit. Besides everything else has pretty much sucked since Civil War. Even X-Men has done meh business.
So young and it's a shame. At least he left a good body of work yet to be released. As far as the Trek franchise goes, if the next film tanks they won't have to worry about replacing him with another actor or have a new character at the helm, like the cartoon series when they had an alien when Walter Keoning didn't return to do the the voice of Chekov. Then CBS will just concentrate on the new series and the whole crew can kiss that 5 year mission goodbye.
Here is a strange one. This article came out just before the announcement of Anton's accident.
It mentions the pressure of this one being a hit. The way all these other sequels are doing (minus the fish) the prospects are not looking good. And that trailer did not help matters!
Great 5 minute video included on the making of the episode. Highlights the battles and the dragons.
The original was supposed to be directed by Sidney Lumet but he wanted to go by the novel and was fired. So now they finally going by the book. This was Charles Bronson big break in the 1970's and the picture was huge box office. A big favorite of mine. Let's see how this works out.

My top 5 favorite Pixar movies:
Finding Nemo
Monster University
Toy Story Trilogy
Honorable mention: A Bugs Life.and The Invincibles
Worst: Cars 1 and Brave !

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