Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Finding Dory Wins July 4th Weekend

Live on MNN video posted below links. Radio show: July Preview now playing. New one later this week.

Check out this video with the top 5 countdown with trivia. Cool stuff. And Tarzan wasn't so bad after all. Yep it was a date movie for me after all. I figure, what the heck, apes kicking ass, yeah let me get drag to this. While it had a lot going for it the thing that bothered with me was those damn flashbacks, way to many and the apes did look a little cheesy. 3 out of 5. More on the radio show.

More excuses on the poor performances of these movies. This one is simple no matter how many excuses you can come up with: "What the fck is a B.F.G.?" Enough said.

How can they make this a series. Every week the Warriors are being chased by a different gang?
I grew up with that movie and it is a cult favorite for everyone who grew up in that time period but for a tv series? But considering who is behind this I'm all for it. It should be fun to see how they pull this off.

Shatner leading an all star cast for the 50th Anniversary. Hopefully the movie won't be so bad to celebrate this. But damn those trailers are so bad. Either way I wish could make this event. Well we still have out NY date in September.

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