Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Chewbacca and Solo Again

New radio show coming soon: More Oscar posts, Spectre song, Box office S VS B.
Can't be a a Han Solo movie without a Chewbacca would it? It wouldn't be that much fun without him. As who is going to play Solo, I'll but my chip on Teller. He proves he can hold his own in Whiplash and is good in a sci-fi movie aka F4. Sure that script sucked along with everything else, but they have Kasdan, writer of Empire, writing this one. And he did a good job with TFA besides that 2 minute ripoff with Luke at the end.
Fun photos for behind the scenes. But man this studio is nervous as hell about the film. You can thank Deadpool for that, lol. A conversation to long for this blog. Radio show will cover more on that.

Updated Link:
Read the comments and that pretty much sums up what people think of this. We live in a 4D world to begin with. Being a New Yorker, I go into the theatre to smell the popcorn and enjoy the A/C in the summer to Get Away from the funk, stink, humidity, rain, smoke, smog and everything else my city that never sleeps offers me. Now I gotta pay for the shit? And I don't give a crap who the superhero is.
It's movies like these is why Disney wanted Star Wars TFA to make over that $2 Billion. Luckily Zootopia it's getting doing greatto everyone's surprise. Review coming on the next radio show.

He was the Fifth Beatle to us hardcore fans of the Beatles. Of course besides he's legendary status as producer for the band, his one major accomplishment is being the producer of the Best James Bond, "Live and Let Die" Written by Sir Paul and wife Linda McCartney. While the new generation might argue with that saying Skyfall is the best one (No Way) the combo of Martin and McCartney doing a Bond song is what Legends are made off. Don't like it,? Well bug off you bloody wankers as the british would say, lol.
PS compare Writing on the Wall to Live and Let Die, so what do you think? A no brainer of course.

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