Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Reviews Are In

New Radio show this coming week: B vs S review, Pee Wee and more. New Radio promo now playing on Youtube, also posted below links. Note: Today's blog will expand thru the weekend.

Great opening weekend for DC at $425M internationally. But while it brags as being the biggest superhero debut it still ranks behind Potter, Jurassic World and Star Wars for the No. 4. Dinosaurs, really? Behind by a $100M? Now there's something wrong with that picture. See below link:
No. 4 Biggest opening. But behind dinosaurs. Now that is funny, even tho it's not suppose to be. But regardless it killed the critics for saying this was going to be a bust. So wrong they are again.

Saturday Update:
So who are going to believe? While the first article states at $160-170M the second has it at $180M.
This also has the international box office and so far so good.
These guys are really crossing their fingers with this figure. While these figures should be bigger compare to Star Wars, DUH! this is far from a wipe out opening the franchise for Justice League.

Friday Morning Update:
Their prediction for this weekend. While they give a number they're still not sure what the outcome is going to be. We'll find out sure enough, lol.
Well looks more like they are trying to catch up with MCU. Even if the box office is not kind to Batman and Superman they have to go thru with this just to save face.

As I said on the show, the movie should have a big weekend but after that will it have legs and all that depends if the audience lets the bad reviews get to them and will the hard core give it repeats. This article expands on that notion. Really it's a no brainer. You want to see it or you don't.
If you go to Rotten Tomatoes the split is almost in the middle but more reviews are still coming in.
Fans are loving it and the critics are doing the usual and being misery. What else is new?
Great job if you can get it. Traveling to all these places, paid for of course, to premiere your movie knowing damn well the critics are tearing it apart. Got to admit, Wonder Woman does look hot in Red.
Lwets face it, those who want the film are going to buy it. And those who pirated couldn't care less, it's cool to download to show off to friends and buy it anyways for the bonus features or they wouldn't buy it in the first place. But the comments on different sites say the same thing. Screw Disney. Now thats funny.
Breakdown of the scenes that most of us know already. This and the making of is the reason fans will buy this and never mind the pirate sites. I have a bootleg DVD copy myself (sue me disney bitch!) and seen the movie twice. And yes there was the out of focus pirate copy on the internet. Bottom line, fans will buy the Master BR copy and there are those who wish Disney would burn in hell. What can I tell you.
Cool 3 minute video included. All for charity which is a nice touch. And while all this noise with DC and Star Wars here come Guardians with a change of pace. Nicely welcomed.

Below our new Promo on Youtube:

Mark and I go a preview on Batman vs Superman. Beware of loud 2 second intro, lol, as this is also a test run. Thanks for listening. Short 10 minute promo.

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