Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Box Office Preview

New Radio Show coming soon. B vs S prediction wrap up and the return of Pee Wee Herman on Gotham. Also review of China's The Mermaid, the biggest money maker in that country so far and even Batman is mentioned at the beginning at the movie. A good sign for the Duo perhaps? Article link below. Note: New Radio promo playing on our channel at Youtube.

Just $150M opening?  And of course it's gets compared to The Avengers along with Jurassic World as far as opening weekends. And yes Deadpool is also mentioned again. This could be an embarrasement if it doesn't clean up big time as the previous films but a backlash could happen like with Star Wars in China where it failed to get big numbers. And the studio can't predict was is going to happen World Wide which makes it even more interesting. Can't wait for the numbers next Monday.

Video on the Imax angle and over 100 photos in the gallery. Nice collection and a fun build up to the film.

The little film that could and then some. Before it was Monster Hunt about a cute little cabbage baby and now a Mermaid. Disney is scratching their head on that one. And F7 is the biggest american release in which the studios can't figure out. And this is what the studios are looking at and trying to figure out on howto cash in on China's box office. Not all of them can be winners that's for sure.
But yes, mention of Batman and a wax figure of him is shown at the beginning of the movie. That and chicken wings for ears. Chinese humor that is. Full review on the radio show. 3 out of 5.

Still having the last laugh on all this it seems. 2 clips from the show on Star Wars and Indy Jones.
AT his age he still has a great sense of humor especially about those deleted scenes.

The one film no one asking about. Especially with Justice League, Star Wars, MCU and other major franchises, this is so dead in the water. Us die hards are just waiting for Cameron to take over and see what happens from there. Arnold should just concentrate on Conan and see how that tanks does.

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