Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Box Office Weekend

That Radio show is coming this week as Promised! Everything related to the movie and DC.  Still gets a 3 out of 5, not a perfect film but love that third act.
Only $166M instead of $170M and now No. 7 down from 4. While this is still damn impressive in my book, lets be realistic here. These are 2 icons should have done better in the USA. A first time event and it does fall short. And throw Wonder Woman in there, who was no cameo and kick some major ass, and this should have been at least in the top 5 of all time. But at least it did huge World Wide at over $400M. Justice League here we go.
Short 45 second scene. Would this scene have mattered? They could have deleted a lot more scenes than this. But the question remains. How many more scenes were cut? Especially that first half hour. Way to many jump cuts. (editing term which would not come up if I didn't notice them). Well the next article goes into details about all this.
July 16 release date. Just before Suicide Squad. Makes sense. This explains a lot on what happened in the editing room as a lot of these scenes did not make sense. Especially that beginning. See the film a second time and all this sticks out big time.
While this was from the original DC comics it really wasn't necessary. The crowd I saw this with were very quiet when walking out. They were not happy. Same crowd that cheered at Star Wars at the end. Not much of a spoiler here but Zacks answer is kind of lame.
100 Pics included. Best thing about this article. Spoiler! While I notice Pa Kent, Kevin Costner cameo and Chris Pine photo cameo, twice by the way, I did not notice this guy.
Quick video included. More of a Review of the movie with an angle with mention of Deadpool.

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