Monday, March 21, 2016

Batman VS. Superman Reviews Already?

New Radio show this week: Wrap up on B VS S predictions and other news.
Either this can be taken with a grain of salt with fans in denial, studio plants to go against the upcoming negative reviews of the critics or movie goers actually liked this. I'm a fan of Zack regardless of his missteps aka Man of Steel ( I do owned the BR believe or not), older Batman played by Affeck (he won me a $20 Oscar bet for Argo) and who hasn't been waiting for this to happen.
either way this will be huge opening weekend and hopefully it will have legs at the box office.
Nice collection of photos but how come we weren't invited? Here hoping for a winner.
You know who's ready this? Yep Warners and hoping B VS S can make some of chump change. Even Disney is amazed on Zootopia making this kind of money considering there wasn't that much of a marketing push like Star Wars. And I still never heard of the Mermaid which has made over $500M in China alone! And that's why Warners is nervous. Very nervous.
Total fail. Never saw Star Wars and your auditioning? I backed this guy up since Whiplash, forgave him for F4 and he pulls this shit? Then he wonders why he won't get it. It wouldn't be funny ifhe does get it anyways. OK not funny. Strike that.

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