Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Batman VS Superman Predictions

New Radio show now playing. S vs B predictions and RIP nods, working on "The Family."

Friday Update:
Great pics from the promo junket. Love the Batmobile pics, nicely detailed.They are not fooling around with the marketing and advertising with this franchise, that's for sure. 

Nice wrap up all from twitter. Some of which I didn't hear of. Boyer visiting the hospital for the kids is a nice touch so see. Good for him and the little ones.

3 post credits scenes? With hype like this how can DC compete? Too soon to say but who is going to win the superhero status at the box office this spring?

So $400M spent and $800M needed to break even. Guess I wasn't to far off on my radio show. They are very nervous about this. But further down the article it states it needs to go over $1B to make to please the studio. Yikes. Of course Deadpool didn't help much did it? LOL.

A bit harsh on the franchise but I have to agree that Ford is too old for this and like James Bond franchise which this is based on, just hire another actor. That and forget about those damn aliens.

Great behind the scenes video. Hopefully more like these will be on the BR release. But my wish is a commentary by Reynolds how he stuck to his guns on getting this made.            

Now we are getting these pics on a daily basis but don't really reveal much. But good promotion for the BR release coming out in a few weeks.

Burt Reynolds had the second biggest picture of the year after Star Wars in 1977. After that he started doing knockoffs. This was one of the better ones. Why it took so long after films like F7 is strange, but look at the comments as no one is asking for this. While the original was funny at the time, now its quite dated.

Another remake no one is asking for. Again with the massive CGI overload and "300" cash in which has been played out years ago. The original with Charlton Heston was the real deal no CG and real stuntmen doing all the action. So why remake this? Well they are dumping near the end of August so that tells that story. a daily basis

That's me on the left hand side right under "12 minutes left" working as a background actor.
This was filmed  on 9/11 of last year. Holding a candle felt very strange that night as I knew someone who died at that tragedy.

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