Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BvsS: More Let Downs at the Box Office

Radio show coming tomorrow: Final review on BvS and all DC talk.
Today's blog is an update from yesterday which was posted very late.
What? Not clearing the $1B mark? That over 50% drop coming this weekend is not helping matters.
And if you read the links below, not opening at No.1 in China and Japan is putting a nail in the coffin.
So all that bragging for breaking records for Easter is not adding up to much. Don't forget, these are two giant icons and it should be clearing way over those predictions.
Bragging rights already? Not with the news above. Read the second paragraph:
 "We are so proud......." translation: I still might get to keep my parking space, said the suit.
They have to explain to the stock holders why this has not made even more money especially on what it cost to make. Again: Deadpool. Sorry for bringing it up, lol.

A big disappointment. And this is the way Star Wars started and it was all downhill from there. While the U.S. box office looks great, this needs the foreign box office to make help reach that $1B and this is not helping matters. And Japan is not helping either, see below.
Opening at No. 3 is an embarrassment. It took 3 weeks before Star Wars could take over the No.1 spot. Could DC make it to No. 1. Even then, when Japan China and India failed at the box office with The Force Awakens, it couldn't top Titanic for the No. 2 spot.
While Deadpool broke The Matrix record for biggest Rated R grosser of all time, BvsS broke another record. Biggest drop in one  weekend. Not good at all as this could be a reflection on next weekends boxoffice take. Somebody is sweating at Warner's.
Finally happened and have to admit this was a cool episode even tho was screaming more budget!
All these shows need more crossovers to keep up the pace. Villain of the week can get pretty boring after a while.
How sad to make up a day so they can make it an obvious cash grab on a franchise. I mean look at this list. Really, look at this list. New action figures, Ripley sneakers, Pinball game. I mean c'mon. I can't afford all this. Star Wars left me bankrupt! Looks like I'm going to need a second summer job for this collection. How did they know? lol.

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