Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spiderman's Back

New Radio show coming this weekend; Captain America, George Martin (Live and Let Die), Ken Adams (Bond, bonus link below), Zootopia. Nighthawks with Stallone, sdtk by Keith Emerson RIP bonus link below.
Trailer and slides included. There might be a slight spoiler in the trailer as the rumors of someone dying could be revealed here hence what starts the civil war to begin with other reasons. But the big thrill is the appearance of Spiderman. Talk about chills. Something the fans have been looking forward to for a long time. As I predicted on my show any years ago. Money talks no matter the business. It's going to be interesting which one will be the big Superhero winner of the year at the box office is going to be. DC or the MCU. Bets on Marvel of course.
Looks like they took the MCU lesson to heart and not screw up like DC with their franchise. Being very careful to make sure the whole Star Wars universe works together
Sure a big name that she is now is good for the reboot but lets not forget the flack that Wonder Woman (whats her name?) got for being to skinny. Just look at the comments all across the internet about how wrong she is in filling out the costume. They must rely on her true acting talents. Did anyone see the trailer? Yikes! Bring the doubles DD's. Wrong? Even the ladies are complaining, lol.
You can translate this two ways. Its a coup aka Beasts of No Nation that a second life on Netlflix with a bunch awards along the way or that Adam Sandler western disaster and Warners had no fate in the movie to begin with. I'll let you decide. Me? Hee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
Are they crazy at those prices? Look at the movies coming out this summer, besides a chosen few, very few, most don't warrant this at all. They don't get it. Not everything is Star Wars gold.

Friday Update:
The genius who designed the famous Volcano in "You Only Live Twice" one of my favorite set designs of all time. Old school when they built the sets for real before Green CGI like nowadays.

"Nighthawks" in 10 Minutes. Excellent Cop thriller with Stallone, Rutger Haur, Blade Runner, Billy Dee Williams, ESB highlighting the soundtrack by Keith Emerson from ELP Prog Rock Band from the 1970's. RIP Keith, my personal favorite from the band was Fanfare for a Common Man. YT it.
Cool B&W for its time. Does anyone recognize the resemblence to one of his other videos based on the portrait of Dorian Gray? Answer:"Look Back in Anger".

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