Monday, March 07, 2016

Zootopia's Crazy Box Office

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It Figures. All thanks to Deadpool even tho it's mentioned, but obvious, this gets it's own sequel. It took this long to get it on board cause, lets face it, they didn't know what to do with the property to begin with. Maybe now that they may be more focus on it they can turn this into another franchise.
Besides the hardcore fans, is anyone asking for this. Only Deadpool fans have that answer, lol.
What a shame. This would have been a nice tribute to him on the TFA home release. Maybe on the next release he will get his due. But at least he gets his mention as many do not now how many creative people behind the scenes were involved in getting Lucas film to become reality.
For a non holiday weekend this was a surprise and even a bigger surprise overseas as this was getting that much of a push from the marketing and advertising department. Unlike Frozen when that film was pushed down our throats. And China is another story all together. Never even heard of Mermaid and Disney is going "Didn't we have a movie with Mermaid in the title?" But it didn't earn that kind of money, that''s for sure.
Why not? He's no stranger to the superhero universe after his stint on Spiderman in the MCU. Now he's batting for DC. And let's not forget he's stop over on Skull Island in the King Kong universe. After so many years in this business he's earn it big time. And always a great character to see. But Hiddleston?......
Hiddleston as Bond is a stretch. Tom Hardy is mentioned and he would be a better Bond. Another actor that earn his stripes with an Oscar nod to boot and being in a 6 Oscar win picture with Mad Max. And Alba? Still sticking with 009 the spinoff. As far as Craig he should do one more with Waltz as Blofeld just to make up for Spectre. Or just say screw it and reboot everything all over again like they did with Spidey.
Another why not? Since Terminator is kaput until Cameron reboots the damn thing and we're still waiting for the Conan Barbarian movie, this would be a good move. Hopefully it won't be a cameo but maybe a consultant traveling with a new team on a expedition to find the Predator. I can see him say the link when the team asks him about it: "Yes it's true, it's all true from long ago" um, that sounds familiar.
While all the right people are coming on board for the series, adding the family name won't make a different is there's no support from the fans. They are just too pissed off by the obvious that the scam that CBS is doing. Sure there's bit torrent like Game of Thrones, but one miss step like Enterprise and they can kiss this goodbye.

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