Monday, March 14, 2016

Countdown For Batman Vs Superman

New Radio Show now playing: B VS S predictions, RIP Martin, Emerson, Ken Adams.

Tuesday Update:
No surpirse there, with Star Wars out of the way now h can concentrate on this franchise. Now the question is will it be better than the "Crystal Skull". well that film was so bad anything can be better than that, lol.
A much better trailer as it hints at everything in the movie without giving big parts away, even tho they kind of ruin that already with the big fight to begin with. At least they left Doomsday out of it this time. Well this is the week we've been waiting for. Lets cross our fingers and have fun. We hope.
Nobody saw this coming. Wow, this is huge for an overrated movie. Yep I said it. While it's a cute who dunnit, it's really not all that. 3 out of 5. It reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood in "Hoodwink" very original in concept which I thought was more clever. While the sequel did match the first one, the original is still worth a watch. And yes I got the message and all that but after a while even that get tired quick. But I did love the Godfather sequence, now that was funny.
Remember, money talks. One big fast paycheck and he'll do another one before the Big Infinity Wars pics. Squeeze one more  in there, call it a day then get a new actor for a rebooted Iron Man and here we go again. They did it we Spiderman so why not. And if there's a Nol 4 it has to be better than No. 2 and 3. Man they sucked. Manderin was an actor? WTF insult.
Nice art work all around. But I'm glad they decided not to have Han Solo with the beard. He's got grumpy look as it is. And let's not forget the promo clip for the Blu-ray release. So how many millions of copies is that going to sale. But there will be a problem with that. Everyone else coming out on BR is going to fall short in sales in comparison. Hell, Amazon is still backlogged with AMS3 in sales. They can't give that away.
The reason for Speilberg wanting this is his last couple of movies were threaten to be released on cable. The major one being "Lincoln". That was Sooooo close to being on Netflix. So what is wrong with this? Look at the Oscar nods, most of the those pictures did not clear the $100M mark. People could just wait for it on Redbox then cable. Only the big tentpole aka Star Wars might be cool to see at home but those are made for the big screen and that's the way fans want to see them. If a big tentpole movie sucks in that first weeekend nothing is going to save it and again, people will wait for home release. Good try but good luck.

For us Beatles fans, this is a most. But over 150 people interview but have been some under taking. cool.

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