Monday, February 22, 2016

Deadpool Clearing $500M World Wide

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: Deadpool big box office surprise and Oscar Predictions. Oscar Special below major links including Deadpool rant. Funny.
Clearing $500M in just two weeks. So what are the experts saying now? At this rate will this be the first $1 Billion for the year. Which ever where you look at it, guess which studio is afraid. Very afraid...
"Thanks Deadpool, thanks a lot!!!" said the studio boss who is going to losing his parking space. (that's worse than getting fired, the shame). Before the mix reviews come in for B VS S and well knowing that this might not pass the $1 Billion mark, the studio is pushing this so fast to make anyone's head spin. And having MCU  breathing down their necks is not helping matters.
The ONE character that is not needed in this is Pepper Potts. A completely useless character. With all the Avengers fighting for screen time this is one that is not needed. Hopefully a camneo and be done with. But the screen shots do look cool.
What's up with the Panda? didn't I say last week that if they included Pandas aka ewoks in TFA maybe China wouldn't have been a bust? All joking aside of course but now they mention a Panda.
And that 60th anniversary was kind of a bust, so badly edited.

Hysterical. Aka Kanye rant. Deadpool (Reynolds) should do this. Ratings be through the roof.
God knows the show needs it.

Oscar Special:
Lame award but the point is Max is individaully winning these seperate awards leading up to the big night which means it will get most of the tech awards with Star Wars TFA getting VFX.
Cool chat with George Miller. Even tho everything is pointing to Alexandro winning for Revenant.
What a shame and the bigger shame is Ridley Scott not even getting nominated. What Bullshit.

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