Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Deadpool Looking at $800M Plus

Radio show coming: Deadpool and Oscars.Predictions coming in the next blog if anyone cares, lol.

Gotta love this. Final laugh and the big Kaching. Again good for Reynolds. Yeah yeah he's signed up to do other movies. This is his big payoff. Sequels and crossovers aka Spiderman and whatever else the studio can think of to cash in on the new franchise. Like the old saying goes "Success is the best revenge." Hear that Green Lantern? It wish it had that $800M tally and it could be more! Sweet.

Lets face it. Most of it sucked and very uninspired. All those years spent on getting this back on tv and this is the best they can do? The only reason to bring this back is to get it right next time. Only two favs: UFO opener and Reptile Man. And whats up with that last episode?

They should pull back a little on those puns. It didn't exactly worked when Arnold played Mr. Freeze in the Batman movie. But look at they way this guy is dressed. They have no choice but to go with the puns. Oh my those glasses.

This is more like it no matter how over the top. Remember this show can hardly do any wrong so all this works. Includes a clip of the introduction of King Shark.

Now here is another big paycheck coming Craig's way. Let's face it, Spectre would be a lame way to end the series for Craig. Less of a convoluted story, more straight forward and no more "Cukoos' and pick one of the short stories from Fleming's gallery and it should work. And give Blofeld a break, it just didn't work. Daddy issues. Let me guess Kylo Ren is his cousin. Oh wait Craig was a stormtrooper and....oh my head hurts. forget it.

Bonus Oscar Special:
Type 2 diabetes with Tom Hanks. No thanks, no job whatever the title is worth the risk. But jeez, Bale does own the No. 1 spot. God only knows what the wife and kids thought.

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