Monday, February 15, 2016

Deadpool Rules

New Radio show coming this week: Deadpool, Bafta's, Walking Dead, Grammy's.
The movie no one saw coming especially the Studio that made it!!! Not only Reynolds got the last laugh, he gets his sequel and gets everyone off his back on why Green Lantern sucked. He was he only good thing about it. But with all the success the film has done what does this mean? That Warner  is running scared with Superman Vs Batman. There's is going to be so much expectation on that it's going to have a hell  of a time getting out of it's own shadow. Putting it at Easter Weekend??? doesn't help matters either.
My main three? That Kick Ass wasn't a fluke and that Great Power comes great responsibility. What bullshit. Get over yourself and go save that Kitten in the tree and stop bitching. You're a superhero for crying out loud. And last Disney wouldn't even go near this kind of material
Well this proves there's a huge audience for these "R" movies. While the Crow is mentioned they skip The Punisher which means the wrong people are running things as usual. But it's a step in the right direction.
Gotta love this trailer. Short but still give you goose bumps. They are wasting no time even when the movie is still at the cinema and the dvd/br is coming out in April.
"Violence against children" ummm on a "Zombie Show" think about that. It's Zombies for petes sake. ZOMBIES!!! Love that biker scene opener tho. Talk about starting things off with a bang.
While the Bafta's can be a mixed bunch, the Oscars can be a total mess. Maybe this year the Brits will steer them in the right direction. Half the time these British awards doesn't have much reflection on what the Academy would chose but this year could be a totally different and most of the winners here will move on to the Oscars. With Leo and the Bear leading the charge and Mad Max picking up the tech awards it all looks like a shoe in. But at least Star Wars TFA got the Big Visual Effects Award and John Boyega got his. BooYaa!

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