Thursday, February 18, 2016

Deadpool No. 1 Again This Weekend

New Blog Talk Radio Show Now playing with Deadpool review (4 out of 5). New Pilot radio show posted on our Youtube  Channel with co-host Mark. This is a 1 hour plus format with 2 hosts on a weekly basis. Bonus: YT video of Deadpools 100 easter eggs.

One of the things I said  is  the writing and imagination on a small budget. While it states it won't be bigger, stingy studio bastards are like"why spend more money when its going to make shitload anyways" It could benefit a few bucks here and there to expand the story. It doesn't have to be Transformer billions. Just some chump change be nice. Like the credits read: ASSHATS.

OK so Poland didn't get the memo. But it was the biggest opening in Russia topping Star Wars in which Russia was not very nice to. Them, Japan and India. But besides that, Reynolds will have another final laugh when this does No. 1 again at the boxoffice. Hurry up with that sequel indeed. Speaking of which...
Good for these guys. This has comparison video from the old and remasters of the film. Well the rumour is Disney will release the original (with Fox's blessing who still own those rights). Why? To make as much money possible while the property is hot. This new generation has never seen 1977 release on the big screen let alone the original master. Other words, KACHING !!!
Good and Bad.  First the Bad: Ryan Gosling has more screen time than Ford. Second bad: Gosling is in it. Third: Ford doesn't have enough screen time and Gosling is in it. Ok enough of that. The Good:
Oscar nominated Cinematgrapher Roger Deakins "Skyfall" is doing the camera work. Last but not least: "I have a bad feeling about this".
I guess you can never get enough of seeing LA and San Fran sinking into the ocean.  But this time it includes The Ring of Fire !!! (Dark ominous music plays here) which circles the Pacific Ocean. Never heard of it but who cares. Just sink everything as long as it looks cool. And how about a bigger budget this time. That way they can include Hawaii and Japan. It is the Pacific Ocean after all.

While Deadpool went with the R version and is politically incorrect there could never be a better time than remaking this one with the technology they have on on. The remakes from years ago just plain sucked. And with Corman producing and going to the original material this will be a hit on straight BR release. And this has always been one of my all time favorite Corman films. It was just plain funny for such a dark topic. Cheesy and fun for a subject that is so wrong.

Extra bonus: Even tho you hardcores already seen this. But if you haven't seen the movie.....

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