Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Star Wars 8 News
There's no stopping the force now. This is going so fast where just 5 years ago it was all a dream. My question is where are they going to find all that shelve space for those action figures? That is going to be some huge stock.
Now that Elba got those 2 SAG awards and other nods, he's got a bigger role instead of those cameos he had. Good for him. Now if they got him back for Pacific Rim 2 that would even be better if they ever got that off the ground.
Now that she's such a kick ass from Mad Mad this makes perfect sense. Shame it took this long for anyone to see that. Now who would she play, Statham's sister also out for revenge? Bring on the ridiculous plot. At this point it really doesn't matter.
Why not, after Alvin and those Chipmunks and Peanuts made a boatload of money why not the Hedgehog? A hybrid would be interesting though. Strange tho I just downloaded Sonic on my fire tablet even tho it's not the same without the Sega system. Ah the good old days.
This whole Universal Monster reboot is just a bad idea. And Depps record lately is not all that. He still has to do Pirates and Alice 2 to get his career going. But I have to admit him doing the role is interesting in itself as he doesn't have to depend on makeup this time, lol.
The Six Million Dollar Man returns! Playing Ash's should be funny. Nice face lift by the way.
And of course Ted Raimi is around for the laughs too. Loved the first season, the second should rock.
This and F7 are the movies that Star Wars couldn't compete with. Saw this last summer and it was just too plain cynical for american audiences. But the effects were pretty cool. 3 out 5. Wait for Netflix.

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