Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Force Awakens Wins 3 Awards

Tech problem so everything will be held over to next week.

This coming Saturday will the the Directors award with all eyes on George Miller for Mad Max Fury Road. Of course this doesn't mean that this will guarantee the winner of this award the Oscar as many times in the past somebody else would get the award. The mystery continues.

While it did get three only one would count for Oscar, Best Visual Effects but still a good sign. Surprisingly Mad Max didn't do all that here but at Oscar it's more of tech awards which is different from here. The other big surprise is the Good Dinosaur got three over Inside Out which only got one. It deserves to get recognize here as it will lose at Oscar time thanks to Disney's push for Inside Out.
"I'm not a reptile. That's Racist!" Now that third episode is what I'm talking about after that second awful one. While all this time you think Michael Caine lookalike was lying all this time it turns out he really was a lizard whatever. Great back to old school episode. This and great ratings and maybe we can see that third movie after all.
While most of these flew over my head, you have to be hardcore to get some of these, I did enjoy the "Kolchak" reference with Guy's wardrobe. A favorite show of mine from the 1970's (what else?) there was a tv remake. Less said the better. That and the ringtone of course.
March 28, my birthday and what a nice birthday present it is. That and Sups vs Bats movie release that weekend even tho we know it probably it won't be good as this crossover. You gotta admit, when it comes to TV, DC has this hands down along with straight to DVD/BR like the recent Batman Bad Blood. But with the movies, well......So how will this crossover happen? Which ever way they do it, it will be easier than pulling teeth with Spiderman and Marvel movie franchises. You know Sony had to save face on that one. TV crossover is much easier all due to ratings and tv trying to survive against tv/cable winning all the Golden Globes. Either way better for the fans.
While the actual franchise will end after these three films there's already talk of the spinoffs for individual characters even when they are all better off as a cast ensemble. Either way Vin will have a job doing cameos in these while looking for another franchise. Guess that witch hunting didn't gothe way he wanted did it.
Why not? After Netflix. Hulu and even Amazon getting recognized at the Golden Globes, other internet outlets are getting into the act.

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