Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Deadpool's Rated R Craze

Radio show tomorrow: Deadpool boxoffice and my Oscar predictions which will also be list here.
Well it could be the jump start that the X-Men franchise needs and fix that Wolverine mess they did the first time. Remember money talks so no matter how much Jackman says "I'm done" all they have to do is hang a big carrot and say Pan 2 anyone? and those claws would be on so fast it would make Magneto's head spin. But the shame on pushing the R thing is a total disgrace, Deadpool was a slap in the face.
Well this should have been done in the first place but at least they can't say that this is jumping the bandwagon. But even when you had the R rated directors cut the Blu-ray sales bombed cause the film sucked to begin with. So to have an a Blu-ray R cut does not guarantee sales. And talking about not getting the memo......
The film hasn't even come out yet and already they're jumping on the R craze. Like this is going to help sales at the box office to begin with. And those weak sales of Man of Steel is the reason we didn't get MS2 and move on to getting the Justice League of the ground as soon as possible. How wonder Disney is laughing so hard.
Poor Del Toro couldn't win. He made Crimson Peak as cheap as possible but poor boxoffice didn't help matters. So over budget or under budget he didn't have a chance. But at least he's getting PR2 done. As far as Director goes, just roll the dice and see what happens. He's going to get the memo anyways from Del Toro, lol. At least it's getting done, until the studio changes it's mind. Again.

Oscar Bonus:
Now this is the movie that should have been made. It would have been perfect for Netflix or Hulu.
This goes into details what actually happened to Glass during his adventures. Cannibalistic Indians  and eating dogs? A 10 part series as a ratings grab for sure. Read the details, makes the movie so Disney like. Wow, seeing his friend toasted alive. Time to subscribe.

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