Monday, February 08, 2016

Force Awakens Crosses $2 Billion Mark

"I'm Still King of the World at the Box Office"

Includes links from this past weekend to catch up on the news. New Radio show coming this week.
Slow news day so a new blog will be posted for  tomorrow.

While Fuller got his start writing for DS:9 which is a good start he went on to Voyager which hit a lot of bumps. I prefer DS9 of course. But his latest was Hannibal which was great. Everything in between is a hit or miss but man he has covered a lot of ground. So this should be in the right hands. And Trek is back on TV where it belongs. Especially after that last trailer for ST:Beyond when it said it was trying to be like the old tv shows. With a motorcyle and blowing up the Enterprise for the millionth time? How wonder TFA is the biggest money maker in the U.S.
PS Blame China for TFA not being No. 1 Internationally. But F7 is the biggest grosser over there. Completely illogical. (had to say it).

Well about time. But at this point and it's official, Avatar is still the biggest film of all time. But look at this list and how Disney brag's about all the records it broke. What it does not mention is:
How it TANKED in China and Russia.
Did not open in Japan or India at No. 1.
Taking it's sweet time trying to past Titanic for the No. 2 spot if it does at all.
Will never take out Avatar as the No. 1 of all time box office.
Now it looks like it's up in the air at the Oscars if George Miller will his award for Director.
While The Revenant deserves it kudos it's still overrated compare to Mad Max. All because of that damn bear.
The best thing about the Superbowl was Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem. After that it was downhill. But favorite film trailer was ID Resurgence. All mini-interviews included.
Video included. While there was a few favorites like the Marilyn Monroe Snickers with some very ugly William Dafoe legs, Singing Sheep doing Queen's Somebody to Love but this has to be the best. Ant-Man opening the can for him was hysterical. Now that's the commercial.
What a cheap shot. The reason why HGM2 did only $653M is because the first part sucked big time. Down right boring to the point the hard core fans just gave up on the franchise. But jeez some films wish they had made that kind of money, spoiled brats.

Note: Big tech issue with my comp and radio show so I will be catching up with all that this week for sure including that new theme I wrote for one of the shows. More on the Radio show.

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