Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wolverine Is Now Rated "R"?

New Radio show coming this week. Deadpool 4 out of 5. Grammys sucked.

Wednesday Update:
Slow news day. New Blog Talk Radio and blog  coming tomorrow.
"Fox didn't realize what it had on its hand and it blew right past all the X-Men openings" Duh!?!
And these are the guys in charge of making movies. Anyways good for Reynolds and company.

Monkey see, monkey do. The geniuses at the studio of course now decide that Wolverine should get the R rating after Deadpool made a shitload of money. Will this help? Sure if you get the writers involved since the writing on the last 2 Wolverines sucked big time. And how about the Director and Producers? Remember what Deadpool said: Overpaid Tools and Asshats according to the credits.
It's all in the writing and then Hugh will be in good hands. Everyone now involved with that? Give them the walking papers cause it's going to suck like the last two.

Just make Bumblebee and friends and forget the rest of the Transformers. They were so overblown to begin with and never used properly to begin with. Half the time I couldn't tell them apart except for Prime. And get rid of writer Akiva Goldsman, he's always a hit and miss. Well mostly miss. But this is a good direction to go in. Let's see them screw this up.

Mocap to the rescue to put some energy into this show. Let's face it. Time to move on to the movie.
The three minute  is a cute idea but there are sure running of out of ideas.

IN "The Big Lobowski" Jeff Bridges 'The Dude' hated The Eagles.  Whether or not is besides the point. The man who wrote the best Eagles intro ever was not there. Without Felder there would not be Hotel California now considered a R & R classic of all time more than Peaceful Easy feeling. That whole intro verse section of music was written by Felder. Frey wrote the chorus, Henley the lyrics.  And not to invite him. Then of course firing him was not the brightest time in that Eagles period either.

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