Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Big Godzilla Links Page

Lots of links with some spoilers in the articles. A few were posted on our community page but most are new on this one page. You might want to wait to check these out after you see the movie because of the spoilers.Review coming next week.
Great recap on all the movies comics and video games. 42 pages worth.
For lovers of big giant monsters destroying things. Love this list except Cloverfied. That sucked..
Funny video to make us appreciate the new Godzilla, funny looking feet and all but thats just me.
And will do huge business Memorial Day Weekend. 3D Imax and repeats is going to kill at the B.O.
My first big screen was Hedorah back in '72 but never 3Dmax and with that sound system. Special!
These guys always complain about the 3D even with the best like The Avengers but a 5 out of 5?!!!
Check out the last page for that fun fact. Talk about last word! Tradition damn it!
Imax featurette video interview with Edwards. S
He points to Jaws as a big influence. Good choice.
Love the detail and the different POV.
4 different designs before the current one was chosen. But includes a 14 minute Featurette behind the scenes makign of....DO NOT WATCH unless you saw the movie. Way to many spoilers in this one.
Same designs but bigger pictures to represent them.
Bunch of stats and graphs with a cool video to show it all.
He loves his Godzilla but check out the comments. Its that ice cream thing as a kid. Funny.
This guy should not be invited for the next Godzilla movie. Screw him, simple as that.

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