Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Movie Reviews with Spidey 2

Update: Goblin pic added.
Amazing Spidey 2: 2 out of 5. Don't know about the BR but if it does come with a shitload of goodies I'll get to keep AS1 company on the shelf. Not mad but sooooo disappointed.
Pros: Spidey itself got comfortable with his skin. After opening credit he flys all over the city,
making jokes and having a good time and Andrew was really good as Peter.
Like the music cues, kinda cute. Nod to NYC like the Brooklyn Bridge.
Easter Eggs: Like Ramones Poster who did Spidey theme on the Adios Album.
Cons: Too much love story just to kill her off. Twilite meets Titanic.
Too much exposition and setup for Sinister 6. Why not call it that instead of Rise of Electro.
Rhino as the bookend villian for the beginning and ending of the picture. Boring.
Editors POV: 90 minutes of bullshit and just 35 minutes of action, last half hour with just 15 minutes of action crammed in. I agree with the critics on the Venom Sandman comparison.
Just much to much to mention here which I'll leave the rest for the show. But here is this link:
The mouse is waiting on his throne with a big grin on his face:
"Soon Darth Soon." 
"Yes my master"

Brick Mansions: 3 - A remake of the original Franch version Distrcit B13 which was way better, a solid 4, this still had a lot of action and very fast pace. A good 2 for Tuesday on rental. And Paul Walker held his own with the fighting and of course the driving scenes. Shame this was he's last complete film. So that lone I would recommend this when it comes on DVD/BR.

Son of Batman: 3(BR) - A Lot of bad reviews about the voices, story, kid is a bratty smart ass, bla bla bla. While not as great as the other Direct releases it shows DC does great on these and never a disappointment. As I said before why TW doesn't go and base the movies on these releases is beyond me. Besides that this had a good sense of humor and plenty of action. A good rental for sure.

Bad Country: 2(RB) - Directed by one of the producers on Boonodock Saints and died while making this. That's the good news. While the actors are great in doing thier best on material that's based on a true story, this whole movie is flat. While is does have some action and tries to build up up to a mano a mano big fight at the end this has no momentum whatsoever. Good for a rainy day for the curious.

Gimme Shelter: 3(RB) - Vanessa was actually good in this. Surprise! Based on a true story the movie is friggin sad and is a chick flick so guys you've been warned. It ends like Vanessa's other movie with Cage "Frozen Ground" where they show the real people the movie is based on at the end credits. But her performance surprised me like the previous. Made me forget that Spring Breakers garbage. If she's serious about her career she won't do SP2, who hell asked for that anyways!

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