Monday, May 19, 2014

Godzilla And The Sequel.

Mini mini Review: 4 out of 5. More Godzilla & Monsters (you can never get enough of that) and less darkness (next time I'll help them buy some lightbulbs but man that Breathe Looked so cool.)
Full review Memorial Day weekend as I saw this on standard screen at the town cinema. Heading back this week to NYC to Lincoln Square for the full maximum experience. Then the big write up.
Love the website and  crew are fun but this makes no sense at all.but I don't get this at all. under the James Bond, a long lasting franchise was rebooted with Casino Royale and solidify that on Skyfall with a New M, MS Moneypenny and a young Q.
Read the comments and they filled in pretty much on what I was going to say. Now where's Mothra?
Mothra Easter Egg confirmed. And looks like Johnson is back. Hopefully with acting lessons.
The official announcement. Why do they keep mentioning Cloverfield? It looked like a Teletubby on acid. Man I hate that picture. Even if it was filmed in hometown NYC. And I almost worked on that too. (Brooklyn Bridge is across the street)
Somebody else who didn't like it. Who cares......
June 7 release of the original 1954 version in theatres and July 25 Japan will be the last market.
Great way to end. Can't wait to see those numbers.
Some people had a lot of time on thier hands. Special thanks to Stella Y from our Godzilla community for the article. Good posting.

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