Monday, May 05, 2014

Was the Force (4th) with You?

Updated: 6 pm - More Star Wars and Spidey News.
May the 4th Be With You. Was it? It was for me as I finally have 2 new websites up:

The first is our main site with a brand new look and is much more streamlined.
And the other is my music site featuring all new original music. Both will expand for the summer.
More details on Blog Talk Radio which will have some other annoucements. Hopefully this week.
So let's catch up from the news this weekend onto today's news.

Speaking of Star Wars:
Why so damn short? But the thought was nice.
Simple: A friggin good script and the death of Jar Jar. What more can you ask for?

SPOILERS! Read only if you've seen the movie! Hint: Directors cut?
2nd Spoiler. This was different to see and a cool surprise.
This continues on a article I posted on the last blog. Talk about being defensive. But read the comments. The writing is on the wall, especially since TASM2 did OK compared to the previous Spideys.
More Soap Opera, so the articleabove is bullshit? Or Arad is bullshit? You decide.
Yep the big cheat was it had the 3D prices. So it really wasn't all that. But here is the trick.
How long will it lat in the top 10. Godzilla is around the corner and X-Men. Captain America 2
had a whole month with no competition. In 2 weekends we will have our answer.
They got a lot more wrong than 6 especially the last act which repeats Spidey 3 with last mintue Venom. They did it twice with Goblin and Rhino. Yeah Yeah it was just a setup/preview for Sinister 6. "Do or Do Not, There is no Preview! Yeah Yeah another franchise, thats right I said it!

TASM2 review coming Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the news tomorrow.

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