Friday, May 16, 2014

The Big Godzilla Links Follow Up

What was I thinking when I  thought I was done with the links. So much more is coming this weekend. Guess no rest for the wicked and being a Godzilla Fan.  Update tomorrow with the figures.
Wait til it hits China. It will make Pacific Rim look like chump change and that was Huge over there.
Check out 3rd paragraph, even they are no to sure how much its going to make.
"Never tell me the odds". Numbers don't matter here. Internationally is where it counts. For the sequels of course. Talk about sequels.......
This would be a shame but they are like "We got Godzilla, why do we need PR" Pretty Dumb....
Duh! this is so obvious but I guess he wants to be on the safe side. Video is a rehash by the way.
Only Godzilla Stomps, critics follow whether they like it or not. Check out NY Times review:
"Bloated" guess he meant his opinion was....
Your friend knows superheros inside out but weak on Godzilla know how. This is a fun way
to help him catch up before the movie. In case he gets smartass about a guy in a suit thing.
Note: Check out CAptain Picard of Star Trek give out the Lifetime achievement award. So cool.
All soundtrack and scores related.


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