Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Aftermath of Godzilla

Updated for a total of 5 links. 2 videos included. Some of these have been posted earlier this week.

Jimmy Kimmel street interviews on the real Godzilla. Can't believe some of these people. So funny.

Video Included here:
Imagine trying to get out of the way of Godzilla, flying with Spidey thru the skyscrapers of NYC, fighting the fight with X-Men. Imagine anything with water sports. Won't go there, too nasty.
This is fukin dumb. If I want a motion experience all I gotta do is ride the No.5 train in NYC.
And lets not start with the smell and forget about anything near my face. And this is suppose to be fun? And how much is this sucker? Like tickets are not expensive as it is.

Battle Cry of Godzilla:
This has the argument of why we have enough of Godzilla in this movie.
You be the judge on this article. As I stated on a previous blog there should have been more
and this is from a video editors point of view. And it has to do with balance and timing.
Sure he mostly shows up near the end of his movies but those are 90 minutes. If you going
to do a movie slightly more than 2 hours then you should have Kaiju time. If not like
Director Edwards did then cut back on the actors. We don't need to spend that much time with them.
As stated on an audio commentary in one of the original pictures 1960's, an actor came to the set and proclaimed "Hello everyone, I'm the star of this picture"   "No! Godzilla is the Star!", said the crew.
I will elaborate more on this when we go back live next week when I go back to  NYC as my main notes are over there at my studio.

A critical breakdown by catagory. I agreed with some of these and others are just an opinion anyways. But it did have some interesting insight, 3 pages worth.

Everyone always have a different top 10. A lot has to do what time period they grew up with. The oldest fans go for the 60's and the youngest go for the 90's plus. But Hedorah is on this list and I am good. Yep like I said its a personal favorite and that director is one of the Executive Producers for GZ 2014. Sweet.

To all the faithful who actually made it down this far on this blog, this will be the last one for the week going thru Memorial Day Weekend as I'm hopping on a plane on Thrusday and heading back to NYC and seeing Godzilla on the big Imax screen over there. And with 4 days enjoy the Godzilla repeat and X-Men. Yeah going to that one, I just love time travel plots.

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