Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Amazing Spiderman 2 Backlash

Updated: 5 links that question the film and 4 fun links on behind the scenes. Still no BR for me.
Guess Spidey wasn't all that. The reason I'm including these links and those on the previous blogs as they represent the way I feel on Spidey 2. It will make my review a lot shorter to the point I'll just use Pros and Cons. For now my rating is 2 out 5.

A follow to a previous post. A list of deleted scenes or a Directors cut. Does it matter? Remember Hulk with Ed Norton. 45 minutes of deleted scenes. See they were smart, they cut out the love story.

Plot holes galore. For a film that over 2 hours, really? These are not epics, they're comics!

Raimi got my vote on this also. For me Doc Ock was the best. And they screwed up Lizard.

They sent way to much time on the love story when everyone knew she would die. Most of this time could have been use to build up the villians instead of rushing Rhino and Goblin at the end.
Last sentence in the 2nd to last paragraph said it:
"...at some point audiences are going to notice that they aren’t all that crazy about these films."

This is right up there with all the easter eggs that were in this thing. They keep this up and soon the studio doesn't have to spend a penny on these things. Let Sears pay for it all.

This was a nice surprise for us NYer's. This was also used for Denzal Travolta "The Taking of Pelham 123" Little trivia.

Video of electro using Green Screen. Cool behind the scenes. All this and the film was still a mess.

2 more making of scenes for Spidey.

Saved the best for last with more cool tricks on filmmaking.

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