Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Spider Gets Step On By Neighbors

Holy Kato! The Green Lantern Splats a Spider

Updated Monday 12, 2014
It's over for Spidey.  Itsy Bitsy Spider is already history. And don't let the overseas B.O. fool you.
The studio wanted TASM2 to come close to a $ Billion for the money it cost to make.
Which means clear sailing for Godzilla and with all it's postive reviews this will do huge.
I couldn't wait to post this for Monday. This is so friggin hilarious. Seth Rogens comedy is beating Spidey at the Box Office and is going to win  the weekend.
A fraternity comedy is NOT suppose to beat an Iconic Super Hero. Looks like Spiderman is not so amazing after all. That means Godzilla is going to share next weekend with Seth and bury Spidey all together. And what about X-Men? Those guys are going to need a 4 day weekend just to stay afloat. And who else is going to do great?

1. People are in the summer comedy mood. Macfarlane got that covered with Million Ways to Die.
2. Family wants to see another Disney Frozen. Jolie got this with Maleficent.
3. And make room for the Apes in July. No more monkeying around with this superhero thing.
No, it just killed itself. Now the real summer is going to start with Godzilla.
Poor itzy bitsy little spider. LOL.

PS: You know what makes this sweet. SEth was Green Lantern which comic book fans trashed.
Got the Blu-ray that's how much I like that one. And for him to beat Spidey. Sweet.

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