Thursday, May 08, 2014

New Web Sites

I'm going to re post this weeks blog for the rest of the weekend and just post on our Godzilla Community Page with some Godzilla related news and trivia. In the meantime.....

Here is the new Revamp Main Site which is in Beta but these are the main pages and all the links
are in working order. Then do some tweaking for the rest of June. Due to requests I made the site streamlined as possible and a lot less cluttered for the links. The advice was greatly appreciated.

Also we have our NEW Music Site also in Beta form. We added SoundCloud to this and next
month we will be adding Reverb Nation with all new original music. The sites blog will start
in June. All other announcements will be done on this blog for all the sites. Hope that's clear, lol.

Special thanks for all of your support and patience. And more to come!

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