Sunday, May 18, 2014

King Godzilla and the Sequel

Wow, The numbers are in: We have a winner and a Sequel! This blog was being written all day as the news came in. So I posted accordingly in order to the last news that arrived this evening.
No Mothra and the gang but a new monster? How about that new dinosaur they found. Bigger of course. And the Big G has to show up in the FIRST ACT! Non of this Jaws shit when you see him at the end. Been there and done that. Same with the monster, none of that Cloverfield crap!

Last Box Office Post:
Includes final tally for Sunday according to time input.

Godzilla is Box Office King:
$93M Plus just behind Captain America which is the big office leader for this year so far.
It also didn't hurt having 51% of that in 3D and voer $14M in Imax format.
While some say this is a cheat today it is the box office norm. Look at TASM2, it had the same cheats and that tanked for an Iconic Superheo merchandising brand.
(PS luv Spidey and luv my city New York, but lets be real, it wasn't amazing)
Also it still has that stigma of Zilla (as the fans of GZ 98 like to call him, I call him NY Iguana)
All in all everyone said $70m  and he came in at over $90M. Mission accomplish.

Godzilla in International Markets:
It started off with $103M to bring the total to $196M.
Very nice start with China in June and Japan coming in July.
This page doesn't have the stats yet when you click the "Foreign" box. Those will be availabe
tomorrow but the link above does cover some of those already. So just come back to this page
and you will sees those numbers.

"Biggest opening ever for a Monster Movie"
That title alone saved me a lot of typing.

So this will be out summer of Godzilla as we have China, Japan for June and July, August will be the final tally for the most part and we start all over in September with the Blu-ray.
Speaking of which I want a Muto figure with that. Spidey fans going to get Electro, uuggh. Yikes.
And of course the Sequel, which Kaiju is it going to be?
The hints and eggs in the movie already point to Mothra and King G. Hope Rodan is in there somewhere. 2 more sequels and then hopefully Monster Island. We can only hope.

Final Note:Memorial Day Weekend:
Some are finding out that Big G is mainly in the 3rd act and because of that people are staying.
Repeat performance from us fans is what is going to make this stay in the top 5 in the next 2 weeks.
X-Men will blow its load all in its 4 day weekend and disappear like Spidey.
So Godzilla competition will be Jolie and Seths Western. No problem there.
Staying power is the key this super and the only one who did that was CAPS.
But he had no competition and that was a big cheat in itself to begin with.

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