Monday, May 12, 2014

Godzilla News and Reviews

Latest news and reviews plus a picture that can be a stand in for Monster Island.
Warning: The reviews have slight spoilers, mostly how the story goes in order. But of these are mostly positive with Rotten Tomatoes have a 85% Fresh. The only negative seems to be about
characters not fully developed. Excuse me but Godzilla is the star....Hello!

Note: I put the most positive first, then a video review then my pictures with chat.
Some of these have been posted on our Godzilla Community page already.
Also look at the mentions here including Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Jaws,Transformers,
Irwin Allen ! (Lost in Space TV show, Original Lost World, see imdb).

Black and white on the big screen.
I will agree 3D Imax is a cheat in prices but who deserves more than the Big G. Like Pacific
Rim this helped at the Box Office hopefully we can get our sequels.
You know for a fat creature he's doing pretty at Rotten Tomatoes don't you think? lol.

Best review so far. How come I'm not surprised, lol.
He saw this twice! Damn not fair!
Godzilla 8 out of 10 here.
Impatient aren't we? What's he's problem?
The only thing that has no substance and is an empty shell is this guy. And he works for Forbes? Jeez, they hire anybody don't they.
Short video. I wanted end this blog on a positive note.

Monster Island.?
It's an island near Puerto Rico called
Monkey Island which belongs to well...
No humans live here as they are protected by the government. You can find this on Google Maps.

I didn't have the right camera and the zoom was poor so this is the closest I got without distortion. Hopefully I'll get another shot.

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