Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movie Reviews

Again catching up on last week and this week release as to give me a chance to check out the bonus features on the Blu-rays.

Neighbors: 3 - The revenge of the Green Hornet. Good for Rogen. The movie that took out TASM2 at the Box Office No. 1 spot. They laughed at him doing a superhero and now he has final laugh. Funny but more of a coming of age story and Efron played a pretty good nut job. Better played on home release but still worth checking out. Fav scene: Rogen and Efron doing Batman voices.

Memphis Belle: 4 - True Story of the WW2 B-17 Hollywood style with tons of liberties taken and with sfx really dated due to budget but great cast from Batman and LOTR. This includes the Oscar winning Documentary of famous director William Wyler who fly with the crew at the time. Worth checking out as a double feature on ne disc for a piece of history.

Wind and The Lion: 4 - Old school epic aka Lawrence of Arabia but short on the budget, lol.
Sean Connery 007 playing the sheik with a wink wink nudge nudge on the role his playing is a keeper itself. Commentary with John Miluis (Arnulds Conan) is well detailed in the making of.

Art of Steal: 3(RB) - Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon are brothers going for one last job with many twists, humor and some tense scenes on the hiest itself. Good supporting cast with Terrance Stamp (Superman 2 Original General Zod) lead to the fun with the surprise ending. Great 2 for Tuesday.

Stalingrad: 3(RB) - While the action is great the director does get carried away with his slow mo shots, drags in the middle and concentrates on just a small group of soldiers on the defense and does not cover the whole battle as the titles suggests. But the action does remind you of Saving Private Ryan covered with some CGI.

Squatters: 1(RB) - Stupid movie and what is Richard Dryfuss doing in here? A complete waste of time. Love story that drags on until boyfriend get involves with wrong...oh fuck this flick....

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