Monday, August 01, 2016

Suicide Squad Vs. Bourne, Really?

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While Bourne was the No. 1 film this past weekend it won't have a chance against The Squad. That's what it gets for beating Star Trek for the top spot, considering how boring Bourne was. Another sequel we don't need for this Bourne franchise. More on the radio show this week. Bourne: 1 out of 5.
So what's up with the comedies at the Box Office? Simple. Why pay $15 (NY Prices) for one lame comedy when there are dozens on cable tv on a given weekend. "Movie Comedies" need to have a grand slam dunk of a funny script to succeed. Simple as that no matter who the stars are. While it helped to have Hart and Johnson for Central Intelligence, look at Ghostbusters and nobody cared weather females or not.
This is some great stuff here if you follow the link in the third paragraph. But my question is: How come this wasn't on the BR edition. If you got the kitchen lying around somewhere then put it on damn it!
I like the very last paragraph where it states that the Galactus reference was a joke since 20th Century Fox still have the rights, well.....If Disney can get a hold of Spiderman for Civil anything goes. And Sony Stock is down (meaning the shareholders are pissed) and just let go of 100 employees, Disny is on the sidelines just being very patient, hee hee.
Wow this is sad. Didn't they learn from Ghostbusters? If anything is a one note idea. Tatum playing the mermanbut then where do you gowith this? I met Tom Hanks and Ron Howard who gave me an autograph when they were filming the chase scene  at Wall St. Both were so cool. I even ask Hankds who was actually driving the car who was the girl sitting next to him. He reply Daryl Hannah. Who? Then the movie came out and the rest was history. More on the radio show.

Bonus: Our live show from this past Saturday.

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