Monday, August 22, 2016

Squad and Sausages Both 1 and 2 at the B.O.

New radio show later this week. Also Live on MNN this Saturday at 5pm.
Maybe now they've learned their lesson? Nope, they'll think of something else to trash all over again.
Look at the link below on some of the worst remakes that were done.
Excuses and more excuses. 5 reason without the most obvious not mentioned. Yeesh:
"You do not remake a movie that won 11 Oscars including Best Picture. Like its going to be better?"
While some of these were not necessary, not all of them were that bad. Pink Panther being one of them. His french accent alone being a highlight. There is a lot worst than some these but there's not enough space on this blog that list.  I'll leave that up to you guys what should be on the list.
A classic in the making? I agree that today's movies have gone way out of hand with these running times. 3 hours for a comic book? Really? Someone said at least your getting your moneys worth. Not if your ass falls asleep and your looking at the clock on your phone. But times are changing and when it comes to epic films, cable is where they should l
They are going for full throttle already for the promo even tho is not official but it's obvious the studio don't want you to forget with all the Squad news lately.

Behind the scenes about the box office and how they mess with the numbers. And Squad is mentionted here even tho it doensn't mention why does it need to make $800M to break even.

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