Monday, August 08, 2016

Squad Breaks August Record

New Radio Show coming this week before Live on MNN including Squad review. 3 out of 5.
Thanks to this film it gives today's blog quite a few articles. Ultimate edition? You bet.

Update: Due to workload yesterday's blog will extend till Thursday.
Why not? But it will be strange to see Harley without the Joker as his character has not come fully into play on the show.

While breaking records the fans had final laugh on their favorite Squad. But check out the 10th paragraph as to explain why the movie needs to clear $800M to break even. How much more of "10 of millions" was spent on reshoots besides the already budget of $175.
Poor word of mouth. Not the Olympics? lol. Wow they just don't have a clue do they. So called experts, ugh? The mistake they made was the trailer. You expect all the fun and laughs aka Deadpool but instead they got that same dark tone like previous DC films which is getting very tired. So they lied with their trailer and it bi them in the ass. What did they expect?
If you read between the lines,  the director looks like he's trying to talk his way out of this one.
Directors cut indeed. More like studio intervention more than anything else.
Wow, that is a lot of deleted scenes, most of which deserve to be cut but it did leave the the film a bit of a mess. And those flashbacks were annoying but in this case I could see why it was necessary to pull the film along. Either way here comes that Ultimate edition down the line.
So it took Squad to be a hit to give a go ahead for the Sups sequel. Another reason why Warners got it;s head up its own ass.  But I do like the idea of giving Sups another round WITH a different director. It needs new blood. Snyder has to give it a rest.
The Big G still has it at the box office. Toho should have thought about releasing this worldwide. Even they didn't think it would get this big of an audience.

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